Why use a Celebrant

To have a choice in ceremony content, venue, time & day.

Can you legally marry me?

No - I am not a solemniser i.e. I can't legally marry you, therefore it's a two step process of legal marriage at a Registry office & then I conduct a wedding ceremony of your choice. You need to register your intention to marry with the  HSE more than 3 months before your legal marriage date & it can be difficult to get appointments in busy registry offices so best to get organised early. See link : https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/1/bdm/marriagesinireland/civilceremony.html

Can you conduct a ceremony outside/in a wood/field etc?

By not solemnising a marriage the legal restrictions on place & venue are lifted, so yes with in reason, safety & insurance guidelines.

Can you conduct a religious style ceremony?

You specify the ceremony content, it's your choice whether there is any or a lot of religious content - it's your choice as it's your ceremony!